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the story

Ember Eclair wasn't always a monster-catching superhero.  She was just an ordinary, modern-day girl who moved to a new town to get away from her boring life.

She gets a bit more excitement than she bargained for, however, when she finds herself mysteriously thrown into a world of magic and monsters after spending the night in her new home.

Ember Eclair
Dark Shaman

The people in the monster world mistake Ember for a legendary hero called the Myth Caller, who went missing recently.

Why did Ember get sent to this strange world?  Why does she look like the Myth Caller? 


It looks like Ember will have to fill the Myth Caller's shoes in order to find out!

the starters

It won't be easy to uncover the secrets of the Myth Caller.  You will need to explore every corner of the map in a

non-linear search for the truth.

After the opening area, the game will truly be your own adventure as you find your own way around the map!

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